In this blog post I want to fill in the blanks after the start of these sentences:

Motherhood for me is one of the most beautiful and most difficult things at the same time. The love is overwhelming and I enjoy the nice moments with the family immensely but it is tiring and scary on other times.

I was surprised to find out how strong I actually am, how much I can handle if needed. What also suprised me was how endless love is, you will never run out of it!

What I’ve learned is I can’t control everything. I like to plan things and do things my way but that’s not always possible and besides the children I also have to keep my partner and family in mind at times.

The hardest part for me is the lack of sleep. Luckily my second one is a better sleeper but even though we go to bed on time it’s harsh being waken up way too early. I’m happy to see that once they go to school at the age of four sleeping is less of a hassle. Two boys together can be really lively so sometimes the peace is nowhere to be found in our house. I’ve learned to accept these moments and they too pass. That being said, sometimes a bit of quiet cursing is needed 🙂

But I cherish the times we go to nice places together and create memories. Now they grow a bit bigger luckily they can enjoy themselves more at home as well, also playing together as brothers (next to fighting).

I want to work more on  being patient. Another challenge is the idea of what kind of mother I want to be and the feeling of never being a good enough mom.

What helpes me is taking time for myself. I draw, I read, I do yoga, I work out, I go on walks, I spend time with my friends and plan date nights with my partner.

I am proud of my two boys who are so sweet and smart and next to that I’m proud of myself for making it all happen for them alongside my partner and our families. Cause it does take a village to raise children 😉

Tips for other mothers (to be):

  • Don’t compare yourself with others, everybody has a different situation
  • Not everything will go as planned, that’s a fact
  • Ask for help, if needed professional help
  • Treat yourself once in a while
  • Everything passes, also the hard moments and times of sleepless nights
  • Enjoy the nice moments as much as you can
  • Take good care of yourself
  • Do things that make you feel like you
  • Take time to recharge, even if it’s for half an hour
  • And most important of all: don’t be too harsh on yourself, you’re doing fine 🙂

If any other mothers are interested in finishing the blanks after these senteces I would love to make another blog post with all the different experiences and view points.