My charity work

Last year my colleague and designer friend inspired me to make a card set together. We created five cards from which all the proceeds would go to charity. I knew immediately I wanted to donate to a charity which supports underprivileged children in Bosnia. It felt good to give back to my country of birth trough my art. But it was a bit hard to find a small charity which helped children in specific. I also wanted it to be a trustworthy charity of course. In the end I decided to donate the €250 I collected to an orphanage in Sarajevo. When I was there last summer I phoned them and asked what they needed. They were in desperate need of diapers and shampoo , fresh fruit and vegetables. My family and I went to the supermarket and packed our rented car with all these items and dropped it off at the orphanage. The crew was very happy and told me it doesn’t happen often that they get donations like this. My heart was full and I knew I would keep on contributing. 

If you are interested in the card set I am still selling it and you can send me a message. I can only send them in the Netherlands because of postage 🙂

After returning to the Netherlands I searched for charities to connect to. Through some friends on Instagram I found Charity Bosnian kids which turned out to be based close to my home! I contacted them and after some time we met and I became an ambassador for their charity. Besides that we became friends and are working on projects together to collect money for the charity.

So I want to tell a little bit about what the charity does. Many kids in Bosnia are disadvantaged by poverty. Children receive a daily lunch at school only if their parents pay for it. Unfortunately, many parents cannot afford to pay for the school lunch, as poverty is a huge problem in Bosnia. Many children consume at least half of their meals at school, and for many, food served at school may be the only food they regularly eat! Your donation will deliver daily lunches to those children whose parents cannot afford to pay, making sure they are not excluded from the lunch at school. Besides the school lunches the charity has delivered food packages to underprivileged families during the pandemic. I’ve donated all the money I made during the Ramadan to this cause.

If you want to donate or you have some ideas for collecting money please contact me or go to their website And last but not least, 25% of my proceeds goes to Charity Bosnian kids so by buying my art you are supporting the charity automatically 🙂